Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling bad...

It's been another week since I've written. I'm sitting here, watching it snow AGAIN, and assume that we will have a late start for Monday morning. I have a terrible cold and actually thought it could be the flu, but I feel too good for the flu. I did try and do my 3 mile run instead of a 13 that I was supposed to do, but I just couldn't even muster enough to do the 3 mile. I walked most of it. My lungs hurt, so just need to take it relatively easy and let my body heal. At this stage of the training, missing one long run won't harm me.
Everything else has been pretty much the same. Still have the 3 foster cats. A funny moment happend when I was doing my hill workout on my treadmill on Thursday. Let's say that I have confirmed that I have the most playful cats of all. He's not the only one who does this, but I personally have never seen this. Just imagine doing your workout and hearing this strange noise, turning around, then your cat exercising behind you! What a funny guy. I had a great workout for the remainder of the week, especially my 6 miles in 49 minutes on Friday. It's supposed to be "race pace", which is closer to 8.5 minute miles, but I was happy with my faster workout and wasn't too tuckered out after I was done. I just hope I feel better soon and can get my 7 milers in on Tuesday and Friday. I have a tempo workout on Thursday, which isn't a big deal. I am enjoying going to the gym, just not the people who walk in front of me when I am clearly running. Just watch where you are going, people, that's all I ask!
This link will direct you to Youtube where the video is posted.
Have a good one and stay healthy!

Friday, January 15, 2010

What Paw Prints is all about...

I just blogged yesterday, but this story is worth telling right now. Just where to start! Some background is that the roof on Petsmart here in Sioux City collapsed last week. Animal Control took in some of their small animals, and a rumor started that they were going to euthanize cats to make room for the Petsmart animals. Who knows if this would have been true, but AC says it is not. Paw Prints was given the goahead to take 7 of Animal Control's cats anyway. They were vetted and have been recovering from that place and from colds, which most cats get after being there because of the conditions and stress. I remember when this was going on that one of the cats had a pink glittery collar and was declawed and spayed. The cat had been there since November as well. This screams that this is a cat with a home, it screams loudly.
Kris from Paw Prints did a little research on the cat this week. On the collar was the city license tag, which is a direct line to the owner. The owner was never contacted that her cat was at Animal Control-they had her since NOVEMBER. On the information card at Animal Control (you know, I have a lot of disrespect for this place so I am not going to capitalize it for the rest of this article-my little act of rebellion), the cat was listed as a neutered male, so when the owner DID call animal control to see if her cat was there, of course they couldn't tell her that she was, because SHE was listed as a HE. It would have been easy to tell since the cat had a collar, but that would require someone actually getting up out of their chair and looking in the cat room to see. What they stress is that owners come down to animal control to see if their animal is there. Yes, for a lot of animals, you do need to go see in person, I get it. BUT this cat had a pink shiney collar with TAGS on it. Animal control needs to understand that some of these cats have owners who love them, so DO YOUR FRIGGIN JOB!
Anyway, this cat was reunited with her owner today. The owner, a nice lady who works very hard at two jobs, was beside herself with joy that her cat came back to her alive. After coming to a dead end at animal control, she assumed the cat had been hit by a car or stolen or just lost.
THIS is what Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue is all about. Thank you to Kris for this one as she is the one who got the cat from animal control and did the legwork to find the owner and then reunited the cat with her person.
This is not the first story like this, by any means. There are many cats who are microchipped who are not checked for microchips when they come to animal control. I know this for a fact, and it's pretty discusting to me. Checking the ID on dogs is an issue as well. This will be on my agenda at the next committee meeting.
On another note, I am putting out a request for a computer and/or printer that Paw Prints can use. If you would consider donating file cabinets or other things like that, it is tax deductible.
I also bought new running shoes today. My pledge: I WILL NOT LOSE ANY MORE RUNNING SHOES. Who does that anyway? Besides me.
Thanks for reading today, I love these heartwarming stories!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

So much for more frequent blogging

Oops, not sure what happened, but I have completely forgotten to blog! What's up with that? Maybe the weather has frozen my brain or something! At least it's actually above freezing and melting some of the snow and ice from the roads. I've never seen this much snow before, or at least that I can remember, and I'm dreading to see how long it takes to melt! Then I will finally be able to run outside....
I am almost done with my third week of my 18 week training program. It is going very well, although I have to assume that in two weeks, I'll be pretty tired out. On Sunday, I ran an 11 miler at the gym so it was 110 times around. THAT's fun. NOT. But it's better than the treadmill, and I did go faster than the 10 minute mile that I'm supposed to and expected to do. I did a fast 6 miles on Tuesday and today did speed work that went surprisingly fast. I have to pace myself but it's really difficult for me to do that at the gym. I know where I should be on a per-lap basis, but it's just hard when there's a lot of distraction and I have to be sure to not blast into someone on my fast laps, which I almost did. To anyone who does run at the gym, DO NOT change lanes right in front of someone thinking that you're getting out of their way. We will go around you!
On another almost humorous note, I lost my running shoes. I never thought this could happen, but I have been looking high and low for them since Saturday to no avail. I have checked the gym three times, my car, the closet, all over the house and even the trash can. THAT was fun. So I'm using my old ones and thank goodness this weekend is a short run of "only" 8 miles or my feet would be hurting! I have to get some new ones since the old ones have over 500 miles on them. Grrrrr! Pay attention, Kelli!!!!! Lesson learned.
Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue is going to have some big news next week so be sure to check back. As the Sioux City people have heard, the roof caved in at Petsmart, which was a pretty big outlet for Paw Prints' cats. It's also been hard on the foster parents of these cats so let's say an alternative has been found, at least for now. Hopefully I can announce this officially early next week. We do have tons of available cats, declawed, spayed/neutered, some kittens, everything and they are wonderful cats.
Last night was my first meeting as part of the Animal Control Advisory Committee. It was educational and I need to get a little more information before I start to try and get some of my goals accomplished. Let's just say that I am aware, not firsthand though, that there are many wrongs going on there, but I can't just go in and start blasting and expect anyone to listen. There's a time and a place for everything, so hopefully I will be able to succeed at my goal, which is to make a life difference for the animals there. I became aware that most of the adoptable dogs from Animal Control are being taken to no-kill rescues in Minnesota. I wasn't aware of this until last night, and it made me sigh a breath of relief. Now for the cats.....
My biggest dream which I assume is pretty much impossible unless people can get over their high school-ish he said, she said crap, is that all the rescues, Animal Control, and The Humane Society can just get along and work together to irradicate the pet overpopulation problem. I was told "fat chance" by someone last night, but I guess I'll have to claim Pollyanna on this one. Maybe dreams can come true. Let's hope anyway!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week 1 of 18

Well, today was the end of my first week of my 18 week training plan, counting down to May 2nd for the Lincoln Marathon. I entered the race and got a hotel reservation for the night before. I found a suite so I won't have to worry about waking the kids early and vice versa. Looks like a nice place. Today was a "long run" day, which was 10 miles. Next week will be 11 miles, then it backs down...or is it another long, then short? Whatever, but I am following Hal Higdon's training program for Advanced I runners. I am not sore today, nor that tired, but this is week ONE, so I fully expect to be more and more tired yet more in shape. Tomorrow is relatively "easy", with 45 minutes of yoga.
I ate like a garbage can these past few weeks. I know I gained a few, so need to work those off, plus a few more to get into perfect marathon condition. I have a little flab that can be removed and who knows, maybe help my run. A few minutes can make a big difference when it comes to time goals! Now I have 17 weeks to be paranoid about the weather condtions and what other marathon I can do. There's one near Minneapolis but it's only 4 weeks after the Lincoln one, so not sure if that's the best move when I have time in consideration. There's a cool one that starts near Storm Lake, but that's in July, so could be 80 in the morning. I'm not a good hot weather runner, but I guess that's the one I will probably do, plus have some fun with the boys on the lake after the run. I've never been to Storm Lake, so it's about time!
Well, on just another note, I have never seen so much snow in my life! We played in the back yard and we had to dig a path so we could get the fence gate open. It's fun to play in and it was quite a beautiful snow from last night and this morning. It's so cold that it fell in perfect typical "snowflake" pattern. You could pick it up and blow it. Anyway, it appears that we will have snow on the ground until next Christmas since there's so much of it, so I guess we will be out a lot and have a lot of fun. It's hard to picure us wearing tank tops and the sun heating us up as we play, but it's hard to picture snowsuits in July too.
Enjoy your weather, whereever you are!