Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Dam to Dam

Pictures from left:* My hubby, Andy and me after our races were complete
*A view from my phone along the route. People everywhere but I loved it.
*View at the beginning of the race, at the dam watching the sun come thru the clouds.
*Picture after the race. People everywhere but I loved it!
Here is my story of the Dam to Dam 20k on Saturday, May 30th, 2009.
My family and I stayed with my great friend, Sonia, who lives in Des Moines. I woke up at 4:30am the day of the race thanks to the neighbor dog and decided to stay up and just get ready early. It was a very short night of sleep but I was ready to go. I got downtown Des Moines around 5:15 (thanks Sonia!) and loaded a school bus a short time later. They sure had everything organized! We arrived at the Saylorville Lake Dam not too much later, but we did get to enjoy seeing the rain leave...thank goodness!
Music was playing on the dam and they had places where you could dump a bag of stuff and it would be at the end. There were plenty of port-a-jons for us nervous nelly runners too-yes, I saw men coming out of the trees and just walking down the dam to go wee! It was a little chilly that morning but we knew it was going to warm up quickly.
We started on time at 7am. It was a slow go at first, but we were soon on our way. 6,476 people finished the race!!! That's a lot of feet to NOT trip over! Did ANYONE see me in my "Running for a Paws" shirt??? Anyone? Anyone??
The entire race went fairly quickly, probably because of the awesome atmosphere. There were people along the route cheering, handing out water, playing music, and letting their hoses spray us warm runners off. It was great! It's been a long time since I've run in a race with so many people and it's just not the same as when there's crickets...crickets....and more crickets!
I texted my hubby at the halfway point (yes, I carried my phone in case I couldn't find him afterwards so I could get the kids and he could run the 5k). I was going at an 8 minute mile pace, which was very good for how I felt. I do have a nervous stomach so I usually cramp up and hurt after about 5 miles and I didn't this time....until mile 10. Ugh, it was tough, and I think I ran a 12 minute mile that mile but I was already happy with my time so was ok with it. I'm very competitive with myself, which doesn't really make a whole lot of sense, but I am...can't really help it.
Anyway, I speeded up at mile 12 and finished the 12.4 mile race in 1 hour 45 minutes- I was 1417th of 6476, 313th of 3167 women, and 55th of 538 women 35-39 yrs old. I almost barfed at the end due to sprinting the last bit, but it would have been worth it! There were people EVERYWHERE! I had no idea there would be that much of a crowd and chaos, but it was great fun. We got frustrated once when we were trying to sign up my 6 year old for the kid race, but we should have had Sonia do that the night before when she picked up the packets...our fault and we know better next year. Andy and Sonia ran the 5k, which started at 9:30., Andy hurt his hamstring, but it's feeling better today, and Sonia ran her very first race! She did great and I'm so glad I was there at the finish line cheering her on! They both did awesome and I got to see them both cross the finish line. Andy ran his 5k in about 27 minutes.
We got to eat some great food after....water, gatorade, bomb pops, bbq sandwiches, bananas, apples, BEER (no, didn't have any but we could have), and Dr. Pepper. The band was great and I even danced with Tyler, my 6 year old to the fun music! What a day. After the running and standing and walking around, I was ready to go and sit for a while (ie the rest of the day). Sonia had to go to Minneapolis for a graduation party and we needed to head home. What a day, what a great great day and I hope to come back next year for the Dam to Dam!
Now, I do have some observations that I made during the race....enjoy.
There are many types of running styles. I know I look a little funny when I walk and run, but to each his/her own, I say. If it works for you, then there's nothing wrong with it, but it's just interesting to see them all in one day.
*I have to say that there's one rule that I never knew that SHOULD exist: DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO RUN WITH LOOSE CHANGE. NEVER. NO MATTER WHAT. Let's say that this guy who ran with "ching, ching, ching, ching, ching" helped my time since I had to speed up to get away from that sound! Thanks Change Guy! But bring a credit card or some cash next time. I'm sure someone has a cell phone (me) you could use and I don't think pay phones are really around much, especially in the corn fields. No more change allowed in races. No exceptions.
*I saw a lady, who, from the back, looked like Grandma in a bathing suit. Let's say that I passed her about half way into the whole thing, so she's a rockin' runnin' young Grandma. Just a different top she was running in. It was NOT a swim suit, but looked very close to one.
*There were some very muscly women. They must lift weights with their arms since their shoulders were very wide and rippley. Not the same wide and rippley as my rear, mind you. They looked awesome and I was not passing them....
*There was tatoo guy- He didn't need a shirt as his tatoo served as one. Not sure what the design was as I saw it more from a distance, but was interesting.
*Talkey ladies- I don't think I could talk during a race going at that pace or I would be at the barfing point much sooner. Good for them. And yes, I was trying to hear what you were talking about but I couldn't get it all heard.
There were:
Swingers- swing your upper body from side to side as you run
Cutters- cut the air with your hands as you run, hands held all open and flat
Flippers- flip your hands as you run...seems it would use a lot of energy and your wrists would by mysteriously sore at the end of the day
Slappers- they slap the balls of their feet on the street as they run. ouch.
Plodders-they run like they have weights on their feet.
Bounders- they bound like gazelles. I assume this uses an extraordinary amount of energy but again, if it works....
Weavers- they weave in and out of traffic (this was me)
Inconsiderate weavers- they weave in and out of traffic, no matter who they step in front of and trip. (hopefully this wasn't me).
Walkers/slow pacers- sorry, but you should start at the back as they requested. You should not be in front of the 8 min mile pace people as we will have to dodge around you and in 6500 people on a street, is not very easy.
Spitters- take a drink of water and spit it out, sometimes hitting others around them. I was the one getting hit and considering the warm weather and my own personal odor at the time, was thankful to get some cool water on me.
That's my list for now. I love all runners and have a lot of respect for anyone who wants to run and then especially for those who do. We all have our own 'ways' about us, which makes running so much more interesting! I am used to running on my own in the early mornings, so it's wonderful to be out with others and yes, having fun while running over 12 miles!
One more note, I was happy to see that the article I wrote for Missouri River Runners club was published. I hope I am getting some interested readers. Please do email me your thoughts about anything! I would love to hear from you. I have already received a call from a friend of a member about finding a home for a dog, so I appreciate you publishing the article....Siouxland Paw Prints is awesome. I still need lots of donations, pledges, volunteers, fosters! Remember, if I get $20 pledged to me by July 1, I will attempt the FULL marathon!!!!!!! (this is a hint)
Well, I'm sure I have written enough for now. I do have more things to talk about, but will leave it for the next day!
Thanks again, Dam to Dam race! What a great time!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Race in Des Moines

We are headed to Des Moines on Friday after school/work to gear up for the annual Dam to Dam race. I am running the 20k (12.4 miles) and Andy will run the 5k along with my great friend, Sonia. This will be Sonia's first race, so I'm really excited for her! There are expected to be between 8-10,000 people combined who will run these races! Wow! It's going to be a party atmosphere and I'm hoping Tyler can run the 100 meter race they have for kids.
Wish me luck and if you are running too, look out for my "Running for a Paws" shirt! I still have to make it, but I will be wearing one!

Monday, May 25, 2009

A wonderful holiday

Thank you to all the people, past, present, and future (my good friend's son is one) who have served the country to make it what it is, a free country. That's what today is all about, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart to all of you!
I have attached a video of Goldie totally teasing the two kittens, Max and Marie, with her tail. I have no idea why it is sideways and so dark, but it's pretty cute. She is still taking care of them like she's their mom. She even lets them pretend to nurse from her. I say pretend because they couldn't get anything from her no matter how hard they try! My wish for them is to be adopted together...they eat together, sleep together, and play together and it would hurt to have to separate them.
I haven't written much lately but as I said the the last post, I have been personally swamped. Part of it is because I am cleansing my life. I have two little boys, six and three, and I do not work outside the home. My job is to be there for them and create the best home I can for them. Other things were getting in the way and making it difficult for me to be the best mom that I can. I have purged a few extras I was doing, plus we are doing some home renovations, on our own! Thank goodness my husband is a handy man and I can paint! I have also been trying to help Paw Prints with their paperwork, so that has been quite an undertaking, but with my help, they have more time to devote to the animals.
I am thrilled to get a donation last week from Nancy G., and some of my friends donated to the fund that will purchase microchips at a hugely discounted rate. I still need to work on that fund, plus meet with some restaurants about fundraising. I think I can breathe this week, but I usually say that every week and it turns out busy. Thank goodness we can get outside though- summer is a-comin'!
I was also thrilled to know that I do have readers. You never can tell who is reading this and who isn't, so Bobbi, you inspired this blog! Thank you! I hope to meet you in Des Moines this weekend as well!
I am playing with one of the foster kittens now. They are so sweet and fun. I saw one of those mini cameras you can attach to pets to see the world from their view. I would LOVE one of those, but mostly, I would appreciate the cats' commentary! How interesting the world must be to them.
Well, we have another fun cookout to go to, so better get ready!
Happy Memorial Day....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Paw Prints on the news

Tulip Festival pictures from Saturday the 16th.

Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue was on the news Tuesday. We coordinated getting a few hundred pounds of free catfood from Des Moines along with a few more hundred pounds of dog food from Bomgaars and took it to the food bank. Paw Prints hopes that people can get this free food to help them through a tough spot so they don't have to surrender their dogs and cats. Way to go!
I am running again next weekend in Des Moines. It should be fun so check back then, if not before!

I have been personally swamped so haven't been writing much. But I attached pictures to help make up for it! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

More fosters & kitten adopted

The kitten who was adopted on Saturday was my little black one with white boots. I named him Brooklyn but Beth renamed him Speedy, which suited him better! What a frisky kitten! I hope he is happy and behaves! I have Goldie back and she is as happy as ever. She needs to be adopted into a home without other cats, or at least older cats. She was so angry at Petsmart and in the kennel at Beth's until I got her yesterday. I don't understand since she is such a good and fun cat here. We're getting new carpet so she's locked in the bathroom with two more foster kittens that were given to Paw Prints at Petsmart on Saturday. THANK GOODNESS the prior owner knew of Paw Prints or they would have been taken to Animal Control and we all know how I feel about Animal Control. They are about 8 weeks old and are cute as can be. They were very timid and now they are zipping around like normal kittens. Goldie is growling at them while licking them. Once a mom, always a mom! They're fine though so at least she can do something besides try to get outside while the guys are working on carpet.

What's up with this wacky weather??? It's cold yesterday and almost 90 today? No complaints as it was pointed out to me that it IS Iowa. I know.

Paw Prints was inspected by the State of Iowa today and got an EXCELLENT. Way to go Beth!!!!

I'm working on their neverending paperwork so thought I would update you on my little baby who got adopted. One by one, we're trying to get there. Now it's getting grants to be able to hold a low-income spay and neuter clinic. That's how it starts to begin to end this madness of the overpopulation of cats and dogs. As I've said before, euthanizing is NOT the solution!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some good things, some bad things

I will start this out as the day occurred.....
I went to Orange City for the 10k this morning. It was fffffrrrreeezzzziiiinnnnngggg! I think everyone else agreed that it seemed as if it should have felt warmer than what it was. I would have worn a little extra layer. I did wear my "Running for a Paws" shirt though and did plenty of running and shivering in it! I finished the 6.2 miles in 48 minutes 21 seconds. Yet again, my stomach was really hurting for about three miles or more, so it was difficult to speed it up (I could have but thought it was best to avoid barfing). It was less than 8 minute mile, so I guess I am happy about that, BUT because I am competitive, I was hoping for a 45 minute or less finish. I know I can do that under the best circumstances, but I always seem to have stomach aches when I do races. Nerves, GO AWAY!
I am very happy with this time, nonetheless, so no complaining (ok, maybe a little), plus I raised about $50 for Paw Prints. That's the whole point of it!
Next subject...Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue. An update on my little dog I rescued from Animal Control. He has a new home!!!! He was unofficially adopted (although I assume they assume it is official) by the foster mom's parents. They helped her out during one of her long work shifts and fell in love with him. They are absolutely enamored with him, so I do have to say "job well done" by everyone involved. It does take a village!
There was one kitten adoption today at Petsmart. It's absolutely devestating and Beth has even lowered prices to get the cats moving out, but there is just an influx of cats available...from Paw Prints, everyone. I heard Animal Control has 50-60 cats now, so I can only imagine what is the fate of them.....but the hardest part is that Paw Prints couldn't help, even if they wanted to! There's not enough space, foster homes, adoptive families, money to vet. Many of the Animal Control cats have the respiratory virus, plus they need rabies and spayed/neutered. Sometimes I wish I didn't know what was going on, but now that I do....well, here I am, trying to make a, difference.
Please, I beg you, if you want to adopt a cat, let us know....get your cats/dogs spayed and neutered so we don't continue the problem, get your animal vetted to prevent disease and help keep them healthy.
Now, the day was supposed to be a work day in the morning, then a family day. I had written on an earlier blog that my oldest was going to be in a football camp with the indoor football team, Sioux City Bandits. So he did that and we wanted to go to the game. After a nice family dinner out, we went to the stadium and Tyler was going to be going out on the field with a Bandit when they players were announced. He did that, and after the National Anthem, he and the rest of the kids were supposed to come back to where we were, which was the endzone area. Well, we waited and he didn't show up. Yes, a personal nightmare of mine came true tonite, but it did have a happy ending. It took us about ten/fifteen minutes to find out that Tyler was on the upper level on the other side of the stadium than we were. He thought the ladies from the Bandits told him to go up the stairs (and knowing Tyler, that's exactly what he heard-he is a very good direction follower). So a very nice lady who works at Tyson, helped him calm down when he couldn't find us. I, on the other hand, freaked out. Completely. I never felt that way and hope to never feel that way again. Tyler didn't come back with the other kids and I, knowing how many sick, deranged people are out there, imagined that he was taken from the line coming back, and was whisked away to become part of a cult in Texas or Idaho. (Sorry Texans and Idahoans, nothing personal.) You never think you'll feel that way, but when it happens and you're terrified, you get into MOTHER mode. I didn't know if I would be the type to be "deer in headlights" or something like that, but I found out that I take action, I do scream and make a scene. I kept asking the Tyson people where he was, make an announcement NOW so he could hear it, but they didn't. Tyler was returned to me, or rather, I found him with a Tyson employee, but they sure could have done more. What the heck are all those RADIOS for???????
Do I have to be an advocate for this now??????????? Come on, I am already running my legs off and fostering, raising money and awareness for Paw Prints, but now I have to make sure Tyson Events Center has a protection program for kids that get away from their parents?? Yes, I was told that this has never happened, but it did to me and they did not react in the way that would prevent some friggin pervert from taking my son. So now I have even more to do..... come on, let's be proactive and not just reactive!!! Is it going to take someone's kid being taken or hurt??? I just don't get it.. don't get it at all, so my hubby and I will be making some phone calls this week. I'm not blaming anyone, just need to be sure that there's a plan for a reaction if something like this happens to someone again. It sure won't be happening to me. That poor kid won't be out of my sight for another five years!
Good news, bad news, my babies are in their beds asleep and I am lucky enough to be sleeping in the next room, in peace. Thank you God.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Shout out to Sioux City Ford!

I wanted to give our local dealer a shout out for a great experience for my family.

Sioux City Ford!!!!!!!!!!!! You Rock!!!!!!

Thanks for working with us (of course I thought my van was worth a lot more, but I understand it's not made of diamonds) and making our experience a good one.

By the way, we do take corporate AND personal donations that are TAX DEDUCTIBLE! :)

My "new" Explorer is soooo pretty......

Race in Orange City

Wish me luck! I am headed to the Tulip Festival race in Orange City on Saturday morning for a 10k. I have taken a few days off and then ran this morning and it didn't feel the best, so I'm hoping for a great run! It should be quite cold too! Wish me a speedy finish time :)
Goldie is going to be at Petsmart on Saturday along with several other wonderful cats who need adopted. I don't know if I will be able to make it, but I want to. My son is going to be at a football camp with the Sioux City Bandits tomorrow too and we will go to the game in the evening. They called today and asked if he would like to run out on the field with them before the game! How cool is that??! I'm so excited to tell him.
I have to comment about my last blog regarding the crap going on at Animal Control. I don't know if anything has been done about it, but I heard through the grapevine that some city folks were made aware of the terrible shenanigans going on. I hope things get cleaned up there. I also hope that people are made aware that these cats are being held are very sick. Or at least the ones that are still alive. There is a respiratory virus going around in cats and it is very contagious. If it doesn't get cleaned up, all the cats coming into the room will get it. If they are not vetted, they could suffocate. My darling Goldie had it and she didn't eat for a few days and was better only after staying at the vet's for 24 hours for fluids and a steroid to help her nasal passages. It's not right and it's not fair to these innocent animals. If you read my prior blog, you can figure out how I feel about it! I shall continue updates and I sincerely hope that I can make a difference. I'm hoping I can do more than write about it but haven't been able to this week.
How can it be so dark looking in the middle of the afternoon. Oh, I heard thunder so I answered my own question. It's so dreary and if I hadn't had so much to do, I certainly would have tried to take a short nap!
My cat Bailey (or Bailey Boo as we love to call her) figured out today that she likes being brushed with one of the glove-brush things. She avoided it, then decided to let me continue, and finally, she wouldn't leave me alone. She is a difficult cat to brush so thank goodness she isn't a long haired cat! So now maybe we can have the extra cat hair in the trash instead of on Tyler's bedspread.
More updates after the Tulip Trot tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh, what shall I ponder...too many things!

I am at a loss today of what I can say. There's some very nasty, sad, unethical things going on with an organization closely associated with Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue. I never thought I would be in the position of being an "activist" but I feel as if I have no choice.
There is a conflict going on between Paw Prints and Sioux City Animal Control. Paw Prints has usually received several dogs and cats from Animal Control. The fate of the animals, if Paw Prints didn't take them, would be death. I have always said that Paw Prints has saved so many lives and now they are being stopped from taking these dogs and cats, at the brink of death, to find them homes. There has always been a conflict of personalities with these organizations, but it has gone so far that Animal Control will refuse to surrender cats to Paw Prints and would rather kill these innocent animals than to give them the option of life. It hurts to hear what Beth is telling me; she and Kris are just devesated at the behavior of Animal Control. It goes against the grain of my very being. I have to do something as it's not fair, not right, and should not be allowed to continue. Animal Control is funded by taxpayers and they are behaving like children, yet they have the power to decide if these dogs and cats can live. They choose for the animals to die. After being shoved in a cage with several others like them. Because it doesn't matter how they are treated because they are to be killed anyway. Because they didn't like something that Kris said. Grow up, Animal Control.
The good thing is that people are coming to Paw Prints when they have found cats or dogs or if they can't keep their animals anymore. I hope, beyond all hopes, that Animal Control can be bypassed and these poor creatures will come into the warm hands of Paw Prints and find a loving home.
I guess I will be losing another night's sleep because of Animal Control. I have to make sense of it and sort out what to do next. I have been called to help....please keep checking back and if you have comments, please email me.
On a good note, two kittens were found and given to the vet that Paw Prints works with. They came home with me for a night but they needed a mother. So my past foster, Montana, has two new babies! The one baby was just terrified and cried all night. He calmed down as soon as he met Montana. The second baby wasn't as scared but she seemed quite content when she was introduced to Montana.
Montana's babies that I have posted pictures of, Savannah, Brooklyn, Frisco, and Jackson, were with her still and have grown so much! That frisky Brooklyn will have to have an owner with a lot of patience, but wow, is he a lot of fun! The others are great too, of course, and I hope they find homes on Saturday at Petsmart. Goldie will be there as well and she just needs a great home. She is such a wonderful cat and deserves a perfect home. I would keep her if she got along with my two current cats.
That is all for now....I shall ponder my activist activities!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Belated Mother's Day

I just wanted to wish all of you mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day. Whether you area mother of two or four legged children, whether you are a foster, step, or a mother hen, three cheers for all mothers out there. What a wonderful be called a mom, or as some have it, woof or meow.
I had a very nice Mother's Day and it was a great excuse or reason to take the day and just be. I need to do that more often. After Saturday's running around and doing painting projects and mowing the yard, a day off was much needed. I don't do that for myself very often, and I know many moms who don't or can't. I have the luxury of a wonderful husband who urges me to take some time to breathe. I usually end up working on something else, but at least I can take the time if I want to.
I am in the process of beginning two fund raisers. I will include details when I know them, but they require my wonderful readers to go out to dinner some night. The profit will then be shared with Paw Prints. I'm looking forward to doing more and helping out.
I have a 10k in Orange City on Saturday for the Tulip Festival. It should be a fun and flat run. This will be the first time I have done this race and unfortunately, I will be there by myself as it's too early for me to get the boys out of bed to go. Paw Prints will be at Petsmart on Saturday as well. I had mentioned some new kitten pictures for today....they are sick and at the vets office being taken care of, so I can't get any right now. I hope they will recover and quickly.
This is about all for now. Looks like I could be getting some nice sunrise pictures soon. I saw a gorgeous one last week and wish I would have had my camera. Oh well! I plan to run with my camera phone this Saturday so hope to get some tulips in view. Well, it is sort of difficult to take the picture, so we'll have to wait and see. I guess I wasn't thinking of the reality when I had the idea!
Tata for now!

Friday, May 8, 2009

This week

Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue needs $250 to purchase microchips in bulk-this saves $15 per chip. One of these needs to be implanted in my foster cat, Goldie. She LOVES to get outside and will slip through when she can. She's the perfect candidate for that! If I can get 25 people to donate just $10, we can reach our goal. If you can, please help!!!!!
Other than that, wow, what a week. With so many home improvement projects going on at my house, two kids, foster cat who enjoys meowing at night, and running, it's been quite a week! But a good one.
I added up my training miles and was pleasantly surprised to find that I have run 243 miles since March 1st. That explains why I fall asleep for a few minutes in the afternoon when Ryan is napping. That does not include one 10 mile race on April 4th. I have a race next weekend in Orange City. I haven't done a 10k in a while, so it will be interesting to see what my time will be!
I will have some new kittens to post pictures of on Monday so be sure to check those out. I am also considering doing the Race for the Cure in Sioux City on Sunday, Mother's Day. Not sure yet but I know I won't wear my "Running for a Paws" shirt. This is about surviving and fighting breast cancer, so respect that first and foremost.
Beth is transporting a St. Bernard to Minneapolis today. Thank you to Paw Prints for most likely saving this dog's life. I'm not sure there are many people who can adopt one of those large dogs around here!
I know there was something else I was going to mention but of course, can't remember now!
Please keep checking back!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Donations, pledge, and more cats up for adoption!

If you are unfamiliar with this site, please view Saturday, May 2nd. I explain the purpose of the "Running for a Paws" and Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue.

Thank you so much to my most recent donors!! Your help with certainly make a difference to the cats and dogs of Siouxland. See Saturday's story to show the reason why Paw Prints is doing what they do. Thanks to Sonia F., Monette H., and Melanie S. I got another dollar pledged per mile (that makes $8 per mile!), so I'm very excited about that! Talk about making me run for the money!! That's ok. :) I ran 6 miles this morning and it sure was warmer than what I expected. That also ok with me...I'm looking forward to some beautiful sunrises..hopefully soon! I have an "interesting" ache in one of my lower legs, so I hope it doesn't come to anything. It's not painful but it's been there all week. Hopefully it's from when I stepped wrong and twisted a week or so ago.

I will be helping Beth pick up TEN more kittens on Monday. I guess they are a different breed, so I will post pictures for long as they are healthy anyway!

There are so many cats available for adoption...I'm posting just some of their pictures!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More adoptions yesterday

There were two more adoptions yesterday! My southern belle kitty Savannah was pre-adopted and another cat that Beth has was as well. That made five adoptions yesterday!!!! Go, Paw Prints, go!! There are so many more available- great cats who deserve a loving home...
See Savannah at left with her brother at Petsmart yesterday. She cashed out and was sleeping with her mouth open after wrestling with her siblings.

I went for a nice jog this morning. Ahhhh, the sun was shining, birds were singing, flowers were blooming, my nose was running....oh, the darned allergy season! BUT, was a beautiful day for a run and I look forward to a lot more this week. I have a race in two weeks, a 10k in Orange City for the Tulip Festival. Then I will be heading to Des Moines for the Dam to Dam 20k on May 30th. That is almost a half marathon, so I'll have to add a few more miles to my training, but I feel like I'm strong enough now to do it. It will be a fun race and I am hoping my dear friend Sonia will be running her first 5k that day! I'm so excited for her and am glad that I will be there to cheer for her as she crosses the finish line. I think my hubby is running too. It should be a great day for running as long as it's not raining! Look for me in my "Running for a Paws" shirt.

For those of you who are not familiar with Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue, it was started in 2008 by Beth Storm and Kris Kava. They both couldn't stand that Animal Control was euthanizing 4,000 cats and dogs each year, so they decided to stop the madness. They are in the business of saving these animals and almost more importantly, preventing the birth of even more cats and dogs by having all that come through Paw Prints spayed and neutered. I am a volunteer for them and I am trying to raise $5000 to sponsor a spay and neuter clinic.

Because of Beth and Kris, there have been ZERO adoptable cats euthanized by animal control this year. Paw Prints has also adopted over 100 cats this year as well. If you can, please donate to help the cause (funds and supplies are always needed), and volunteers are needed as well.

Thank you for reading and please pass this blog address along to your friends, family, co-workers, whoever! Paw Prints is also on Facebook, so please be our Friend! You will be updated on what is going on.

Thank you again!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a neat day at Petsmart!

These three pets were adopted today at Petsmart. The little yellow kitty on the left with his new owner is Butch. He purrrrred and loved being held. He will have a playmate and probably a new name...he seemed a little too cute and cuddly for "Butch". We wish you the best and many loving years together! Send me some pictures of your horses as I have always dreamed of having another one. (my email is on my profile) For now and probably forever, I will have to live vicariously through others! :)
The dog Ruby, pictured below, was adopted by a wonderful family and will live where there is lots of room to run. They will be very happy together! She had several puppies around Christmas time and they have all been adopted out. She has been spayed and vaccinated and is a great girl.
Now the really interesting story is about the grey cat Zeus. Early in the adoption event today, a nice woman and her son came in and looked at the cats. They recognized Zeus and figured out that
he was their cat who had gotten out in March! Obviously, we don't want our housecats to get out, but they do. Mine does so we did get a microchip implanted, so that's a helpful and most likely a life saving tip for those of you who have cats that get out. Zeus went to Animal Control and kept for a few weeks. Instead of euthanizing him along with many others, the cats were surrendered to Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue. He was then vaccinated and neutered and available for adoption. We had him at Petsmart today for their Adoption Day event, which turned out to be almost a miracle. Jennifer and her son saw him, adopted him, and he's home again! His name was Willie before and as of today, is still Willie. What a success story for Paw Prints! He would have been otherwise euthanized.....he is a wonderful cat and doesn't deserve to be treated any less than what he will now get. He would bat at me through his cage when I walked by as if he was saying "hey, pick me lady!". I'm so proud that I'm part of an organization that saves lives such as his.
We also met some great people at Petsmart. I want to give a shout out to a couple who take farm cats and strays (along with their neighbor's cat unbeknownst to the neighbor) and get them neutered and then put them back out. This is exactly what we need! There's a surplus population of cats and he is making one step to prevent more births! Thank you thank you thank you!
We met some new volunteers! We need more volunteers, especially foster homes to help the cats recover or let kittens grow big enough to be adopted out. It is a very important part of what Paw Prints does as it isn't in the best interest to have these cats put in kennels where they are not socialized. It makes for happier cats to have them in homes with people to love on them. There are many more stories I will tell, but I need to go play outside with my boys! There are also so many more cats and dogs who need loving and forever homes. Please refer potential new owners to Paw Prints! We do make a difference in the lives of Siouxland dogs and cats! Just ask Willie!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Kittens are so much fun!

I have four kittens who aren't afraid to come upstairs and join the "big people" for fun time. I love it when they sort of run sideways at something with their backs arched and fur fluffed up. As if they're scary! But they think they are. I brought my southern belle Savannah, the most beautiful mid-length hair kitten that is grey-ish with some siamese in her, upstairs and Goldie just acted like she was her own kitten. So maybe we have a mom cat to go to when we get kittens who can eat on their own but need a mom figure to clean them up and teach them things. She was playing with Savannah and cleaning her up, not that she needed to be cleaned, but anyway......
I would try and get pictures, but it always looks like they're being squished (see my Facebook page) or their being yelled at or something. Who knows why, but it's just hard to take good pictures of kittens and cats! I think I've deleted 90% of what I've taken. Oh well, such is the life of a cat!
Please join me at Petsmart from 11am to 4 pm... I will be there to hopefully meet you and raise funds and awareness to how important the work of Kris Kava and Beth Storm- Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue- is.
Euthanasia is not the answer for pet overpopulation. Make a difference today!

On Facebook!

I have started a page on Facebook to get even more people involved and associated with Siouxland Paw Prints Rescue. Of course I do have Beth's blessing.
We will be at Petsmart tomorrow, May 2nd, from 11am until 4pm. Come and see our wonderful pets available for adoption! I will have Goldie and the current brood there, although they will be available for "pre-adoption" since Goldie still needs her stitches out and the others still need to be vetted. We have to wait until the kittens are 2 pounds, which they are getting closer every day!
Montana, new mom cat, is pretty funny. She is a talker and when she wants her babies to pay attention or come to her, she will tell them, and then you will hear the little meows of the soldiers lining up. How cute!
Well, have to finish my Facebook stuff and get a few more things ready for the adoption fest tomorrow! Wish us luck on getting new and loving homes for our precious kitties!